Is your company currently using hot melt adhesives on your production line? If you aren’t, you might want to consider making the switch. Many industries use hot melt adhesives for the production of automotive, in woodworking projects, appliance assembly, packaging production, bookbinding, and more. It’s popularity stems from it’s affordability and ease of application, as well as its ability to provide a good finished product.

So why should your business make the change to hot melt adhesives?

  • Hot melt machinery takes up less space than other application methods. That frees up space on your production line and maximizes assembly space. 
  • Preparation takes less time and less space than with other adhesives, giving your team more time to work on other projects.
  • Bonds well to materials, providing complete seals and a nicer looking finished product, increasing customer satisfaction and quality.
  • Resists tampering after production, keeping your items safe.
  • Sets quickly, speeding up production times and increasing your bottom line.
  • Machinery is affordable and easy to use, so your team can learn the new system in no time–we’ll even help you get started!

Need to set up a hot melt adhesive system on your production line? Rocky Mountain Adhesives can help. We can help you find the right system and adhesive for your production needs and get you started with it as soon as possible. Give us a call today and someone from our experienced team will help you get the parts and supplies that you need. You’ll be thrilled with your new hot melt adhesive system!