Many of our customers are big fans of Nordson industrial adhesives. They have good reason to appreciate Nordson products! As we’ve worked with these products, both their adhesives and their equipment, it has proven time and again to be a reliable, cost effective, and well-made product. More than that, we’ve found Nordson to be a really great company run by great people, and it is always nice to use a product when you know it’s been made by people who care about the product they are putting on the market.

The company goes above and beyond, too. Nordson has a culture of sustainability, and they build their business while weighing economic, social, ecological factors to make the best decisions for their business, their products and their employees. They’ve also started a foundation that’s dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities that they operated in by creating opportunities for education so people can be self-sufficient and active within the community. Plus, this is a company that’s always innovating. We can rely on Nordson industrial adhesives to introduce better and better products each year.

If you haven’t been thrilled with your current line of industrial adhesives, give Nordson a try. We sell a huge variety of their adhesives and application equipment, and we’ll help you place an order for exactly what you need. Our team is very familiar with the Nordson line, and we even refurbish old Nordson equipment so you can buy like-new equipment at a great price. Call today and let’s talk about what equipment you need to get the job done right!