Looking for new hot melt glue machines? We have all the perfect machine that meets your hot melt needs. Rocky Mountain Adhesives carries low volume, high volume, and bulk hot melt glue machines, including melters, applicators, delivery systems and more. Start finding what you need by checking out our online catalog. Then use the contact form on our website to send us a note about what you need, and we’ll send you a complete estimate on the costs. We work hard to keep our prices competitive so you get great equipment at great prices. Check out everything we have to offer, including:

  • Melters and adhesive supply units: We have low volume, high volume, and bulk melters available to get the right amount of hot melt glue for your application needs. 
  • Hot melt applicators and guns: Apply hot melt glue efficiently and with less mess. We have applicators with self cleaning nozzles that are easy to use and give terrific professional results.
  • Adhesive delivery systems: Increase your productivity with these feeders! We should solutions for a variety of applications.

Looking for something else for your adhesive application needs? Chances are, Rocky Mountain Adhesives has it. We’re a full service industrial and construction adhesive supply company, so make us your first call for whatever you need to get your adhesive work done. We’ll give you a fair price and the best customer service you’ll find. Check out our website to see more of what we have to offer, or just give us a call and we’ll help you get what you need.