When it comes to construction adhesives, there are basically two application types: bead and full coverage. Bead adhesives are lines of adhesives, usually applied with some kind of gun, like a caulking gun or a hot melt glue gun. This type of application has a wide variety of uses in construction, including putting up drywall, placing tubs and showers, and putting up wood paneling. The other type of application is full coverage. These adhesives are usually applied with a trowel of some kind, and are more often used in laying flooring materials like ceramic tiles or any instance where a complete bond is required.

What type of construction adhesives is your company using? We carry a full range of adhesive supplies for commercial and industrial applications, so no matter if you need bead or full coverage glue, we can set you up with what you need. If you aren’t sure which type would be best for your project, just give us a call. We’re happy to help you figure out what kind of adhesive you need in order to get the best possible results in the finished piece.

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