Why buy new equipment when you can recondition the equipment you already own? For most, new or even used equipment means capital expenditures. You can protect your investment by reconditioning or rebuilding your current equipment to provide upgraded or like new performance. Rocky Mountain Adhesives, a leader in hot melt equipment, parts and adhesives can provide you peace of mind and save you thousands of dollars over purchasing new equipment. In rare cases equipment we receive is in such poor shape that rebuilding or reconditioning may not be advantageous. We are able to qualify and quantify the cost benefit of rebuilding/reconditioning your equipment or buying new and advise accordingly.

Additionally, when you recondition or rebuild equipment with Rocky Mountain Adhesives you will receive a six month warranty which in most cases matches the original OEM warranty.

If you are interested in reconditioning your hot melt equipment to perform better and have like new results, you can inquire about pricing on our website.

Products that we carry that are new to our reconditioning program include:

  • Roman Numeral Melters (IV, V)
  • 2300 Series Melters
  • Series 3000 Multiscan piston and gear-pump melters
  • Series 3000 Vista piston pump melters
  • Bravura piston pump melters
  • ProBlue 4,7,10,15,30 and 50 liter melters
  • DuraBlue 4,10,16,25,50 and 100 liter melters
  • FoamMelt FM-150 and FM -200 systems
  • Slautterback KB-10-KB100 melters
  • BM20 and 200 series bulk melters
  • DuraPail and DuraDrum melters
  • All Nordson style guns
  • All Slautterback style guns

Make sure you check back regularly, products are added regularly to the program.

Please call us at 888-239-3540 to learn how we can help you recondition or rebuild your existing equipment and start saving you or your company money.

If you do not own equipment from Rocky Mountain Adhesives but would like to buy like new reconditioned Nordson equipment, you can!