A new report released this month by Persistence Marketing Research has forecasted the hot melt adhesives market through 2020, and predict that North America will retain its majority hold on the market. North American manufacturers are the top users of hot melt adhesives, which have unique properties that lend themselves to the demands of  fast-paced industry needs. Because hot melt adhesives bond very quickly, it can greatly increase production times over a glue that required drying time. The report notes that hot melt adhesives are most often used in the packaging industry, but have a large presence in construction, bookbinding, woodworking, and other industries.

The runner up for hot melt adhesives use is Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company predicts that the European market will hold steady in their demand for hot melt adhesives through 2020, but the market will likely grow in Asia as more and more manufacturing is taking place there. As manufacturers need to move production along at faster and faster rates, many will make the switch to hot melt adhesives in order to keep up with time demands.

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