Get all of the industrial adhesives you need to get the job done here at Rocky Mountain Adhesives. We have a huge variety of construction adhesives, industrial adhesives and hot melt replacement parts that can help you achieve your project’s end goal.

Our industrial adhesives can be used for almost anything! They are tough enough for any job and could be the solution to success. Our industrial adhesives that we carry have been used for brewery beverages, graphic arts, aerospace technology, and product assembly; though those are only a few. With using industrial adhesives, you will need a hot melt adhesive gun. A popular and easy to control hot melt adhesives gun is the HG 2 Hand Applicator. This gun is used for low volume applications , but can used for a heavy workload. This applicator ultra durable with rugged durable glass-filled nylon construction.

manual_adhesive_applicatorsIf you would like to view this product, please visit us here.


If you already have a hot melt applicator for your industrial or construction adhesives but it has broken down, take a look at all of our hot melt replacement parts we have to offer. We have many different hot melt replacement parts including adhesive nozzles, filters, hoses, applicator modules and of course the guns and applicators. If you would like to view our replacement products, visit us online here.

Please feel free to contact Rocky Mountain Adhesives with any questions you may have! We can help you get the right adhesive and applicator for your project.