Are you searching for an industrial hot melt adhesive to finish the job you’ve started successfully? We know that at Rocky Mountain Adhesives we have the best and most reliable hot melt equipment, and the hot melt adhesives you can get. Our adhesives are strong and can hold a bond like no other adhesive out there on the market.

Many folks out there don’t realize how valuable industrial adhesives and construction adhesives are. We see adhesives on products we use everyday, even beverages! Everyday sightings of industrial and construction adhesives include items such as roofing, woodworking, printing, bookbinding, flooring, tile setting, packaging, meat & poultry, medical, envelope, proteins, mattress, product assembly, carbonated beverages, brewery beverages, graphic arts, electronic and more. The possibilities are completely endless for what our Nordson industrial adhesives could be used for.

Are you looking to use adhesives to get your job done the right way? Here at Rocky Mountain Adhesives we have great products such as Nordson and ITW Dynatec adhesives applicators and hot melt replacement parts. If you are looking for a hot melt adhesive applicator that had great mobility and has the versatility you need to get the job done quickly and successfully, check out the DGll Hand Applicator. With this manual applicator you’ll be able to handle whatever job comes your way. The flexibility of this hot melt hand gun is ultra durable and can be used with 2 or 4 fingers. To view this product, visit us online here!