Trust Rocky Mountain Adhesives with all of your project needs for every kind of industrial adhesive, construction adhesive and hot melt equipment you would ever need. Adhesives are used for many different jobs that you may not even realize

Adhesives that we carry can be used for many different projects at work or around your home. Industrial adhesives have been used on roofing, woodworking, print & bookbinding, flooring, tile setting, product assembly, envelopes, packaging, medical, mattresses and many more. The brands for these adhesives include IFS, Cyberband, Wisdom, Bostik, Pacific, The Reynolds Company, H.B. Fuller, and Hot Rods By Westix. All of these brands are very well trusted here at Rocky Mountain Adhesives.

If you are in need of  hot melt equipment, visit our hot melt page here. You will be able to view all the different equipment we carry including hot melt applicators and guns. A great applicator that has done well for many jobs is the BF Mod-Plus Marathon Adhesive Applicator. This applicator is reliable with an air open and air close clean sharp cut off every time.  The performance maintains a clean nozzle that has a heated filter and this product has an easy to remove module which saves a lot of time during module changes.

Make sure you take a look at all of our adhesive equipment to find what would work best for the job you are completing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time! We would be happy to make any recommendations.