Looking for industrial adhesives? You have come to the right place when it comes to adhesives. Rocky Mountain Adhesives is located in Denver and has any type of adhesives you are looking for. We not only have industrial adhesives, but we have construction adhesives and the best hot melt equipment to apply them. Hot melt equipment that we have includes ITW Dynatec equipment, and hot melt replacement parts to spruce up applicators you already have. Want to learn more about our hot melt equipment for industrial adhesives?

When it comes to hot melt equipment we are your business. Rocky Mountain Adhesives has tons of different applicators and replacement parts that you could ever dream of. If you have a job big or small, we are your company to get all of the industrial adhesive supplies. If you are looking for replacement adhesive applicators, we have plenty for you to choose from, 33 to be exact.  Want to get something that is new to improve your quality of work? Our Mod Plus Electric Valve Adhesive Applicator has a platinum sensor to provide optimum temperature control that is compatible with most other competitive configurations. You also have the option to make this hot melt equipment water resistant. Want to learn more about this awesome BF model hot melt equipment? Visit us online today here to learn more and order it today! Have any questions for us here in Denver? Contact us online here to ask away.