Melters and Adhesive Supply Units

Low Volume Adhesive Supply Units   (10lb.-100lb. tank capacity)

low_volume_img Our wide array of low volume adhesive supply units is sure to meet your low volume hot melt application requirements.

High Volume Adhesive Supply Units   (100lb and greater tank capacity)

high_volume_img Our Dynamelt M Series hot melt adhesive supply units are computer-controlled and designed based on metric standards. Each M Series hot melt supply unit features a user-friendly intuitive control panel that displays in a variety of languages and provides comparative data of all set points, motors, etc. The Dynamelt M series models also feature ITW Dynatec`s patented No-Char, Melt-On-Demand System.

Bulk Adhesive Drum Melter


bulk_adhesive_img Our DM55 DynaDrum™ Bulk Adhesive Melter delivers an uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive for high volume production demands. Daily operations are simplified with standard features, such as field-interchangeable platen faces, a touch screen PLC control panel, self-diagnostics, and low/empty drum indicators.

Hot Melt Applicators and Guns

Automatic Adhesive Applicators

automatic_adhesive_applicators Our BF Series™ Automatic Adhesive Applicators are designed for extended life and consistent and reliable operation and feature many patented features, including self-cleaning nozzles, compact designs, and quick-change capabilities.

Manual Adhesive Applicators

manual_adhesive_applicators Our manual hot melt applicator from ITW Dynatec® is designed for low volume applications, but easily keeps up with your workflow.

Adhesive Delivery Systems

Hot Melt Adhesive Systems

adhesive_delivery_system Hot melt adhesive systems – feeders automatically transfer hot melt adhesive from a bulk container to the adhesive supply unit increasing productivity and reducing equipment down time by keeping the adhesive supply unit full. Our array of adhesive delivery systems features solutions for a broad variety of hot melt applications.

Cold Glue Systems

Cold Glue Equipment:

cold_glue_systems From cold glue applicator heads to cold glue valves and supply pumps, we have everything you need for your liquid adhesive applications.