Are you looking to invest in some awesome equipment that you can put all of your trust in? Here at Rocky Mountain Adhesives we have many different industrial adhesives and the equipment you would need to get any job done quickly and with precision. We carry all of the best hot melt equipment and replacement parts you would need to tune up any of your worn down equipment.

Looking to replace or tune up your hot melt equipment with some hot melt replacement parts? When you visit us online and view all of our replacement parts, you can trust us that you won’t need to buy a new piece of equipment. Hot melt replacement parts include replacement adhesive nozzles, hot melt adhesive filters, replacement hot melt hoses, replacement hot melt applicator modules, and replacement adhesives guns and applicators. Know that whatever you are looking at, you’ll be getting the Top Rated Local® service you deserve.

A popular choice when it come to hot melt adhesive guns and applicators is the BF MicroBead­­™. This adhesive applicator is flexible, safe, and reliable. Because it is compact, you can trust that you will be able to use it for the small jobs you have. This applicator is covered in a durable cover to reduce your exposure to the hot surfaces you can encounter while using it. With those great benefits you also will get the reliability you need to reduce downtime. Visit us online today to view this great piece of hot melt equipment we have.


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