Get trusty construction adhesives from Rocky Mountain Adhesives. We have all of the hot melt adhesives you need to get any job done well. Construction adhesives are overlooked even though we unconsciously see them everywhere, everyday. Rocky Mountain Adhesives is the premier hot melt and construction adhesive provider for many businesses around the nation.

Construction adhesives can be used for bonding materials such as wood and carpet. Though those are just a couple, adhesives are nearly everywhere we look every second of everyday. As well as bonding materials, there are moisture mitigation products, setting materials, subfloor prep products, and resilient adhesives products that also use construction adhesives.

So lets talk about some products that you can find great use out of. A very popular way of applying adhesives is with an ITW Dynatec. With the ITW Dynatec available to your working hands, you will be able to get the job done in no time and without any flaws. A great adhesive applicator that we recommend that is made by ITW Dynatec is the BF Mod-Plus Marathon Adhesive Applicator. We know that when you purchase this applicator to get the job done, you will get reliability like none other. With the air close and air open standard, you will be able to get a sharp cut-off every single time you use it. The performance is awesome as well as how simple it is to use. We definitely recommend this hot melt adhesive applicator for fine adhesives jobs.