Rocky Mountain Adhesives serves a wide variety of industries and is a stocking distributor of heavy duty construction adhesive, hot melt glue, and cold glue. Please feel free to contact us regarding your specific application and needs.

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APAC Flooring Products

APAC Product Catalog

pdf_icon APAC Product catalog (PDF – 13.7MB)

Common TDS Sheets by Category

Carpet Adhesive Products

pdf_icon APAC 620 (PDF – 899KB)
pdf_icon APAC 631 (PDF – 314KB)
pdf_icon APAC Turbo 2.0 (PDF – 762KB)
pdf_icon APAC Turbo 4.0 (PDF – 834KB)
pdf_icon APAC Turbo 6.0 (PDF – 848KB)
pdf_icon APAC 440 Supreme (PDF – 818KB)
pdf_icon APAC 610 Pressure Sensitive (PDF – 805KB)

Resilient Adhesive Products

pdf_icon APAC 539 VCT (PDF – 810KB)
pdf_icon APAC 564 LVT (PDF – 817KB)
pdf_icon APAC 584 LVT (PDF – 806KB)
pdf_icon APAC 594 (PDF – 816KB)
pdf_icon APAC 750 Cover Base (PDF – 809KB)

Subfloor Prep Products

pdf_iconAPAC 20 Primer (PDF – 351KB)
pdf_icon APAC 40 Leveler (PDF – 398KB)
pdf_icon APAC 50 Modified Patch (PDF – 315KB)
pdf_icon APAC 51 Latex Additive (PDF – 805KB)
pdf_icon APAC 60 Feather Patch (PDF – 295KB)

Moisture Mitigation Products

pdf_icon APAC EnCapSeal (PDF – 807KB)
pdf_icon APAC VBlock (PDF – 859KB)
pdf_icon Planiseal VS Fast TDS (PDF – 921KB)

Setting Materials

pdf_icon NA3120 Non Modified (PDF – 202KB)
pdf_icon NA3150 Modified (PDF – 192KB)
pdf_icon NA3220 Modified (PDF – 203KB)
pdf_icon NA3600 Medium Bed (PDF – 231KB)
pdf_icon NA2000 Mastic (PDF – 196KB)

Wood Adhesives Products

pdf_icon APAC 979 Urethane (PDF – 439KB)
pdf_icon APAC 989 Urethane (PDF – 402KB)
pdf_icon APAC 999Urethane (PDF – 500KB)

Bonded Materials Company

pdf_icon Bonded Product Catalog (PDF – 3186KB)